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The Pomegranate Producers Association of South Africa (POMASA) was established in 2009, with the main purpose of providing a structured platform through which industry specific matters could be addressed with a common benefit for its members.

The pomegranate industry gained popularity over recent years.  As the industry became more commercialised, pomegranate producers realised the mutual benefits of forming an industry body through which common focus areas can be identified and addressed by the association.

The Pomegranate Producers Association of South Africa (POMASA) acts as a mouthpiece for the pomegranate growers, processors, marketing agents, nursaries and research community in South Africa.

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  • Carnel Geddes (Chair)
  • Jack Wittles
  • Johan Everson
  • Jorrie Mulder
  • Donald Spence
  • Kai-Uwe Molzahn
  • Hannes Beukman
  • Debbie Theunissen
  • Willem van der Merwe
  • Christo Nortjé
  • Niel Vos
  • JC Muller