POMASA considers Research and Development as a compulsory investment for the Industry’s future – it is without no doubt that it is extremely important for all new crops in South Africa, such as pomegranates.

Research & Development is currently focussed on optimising of production practices, crop protection and Post-Harvest aspects. A few of the current projects are:

  • Chemical breakdown trials for various chemicals are in process in order to initiate the registration of chemical remedies for application on pomegranates
  • A Study to determine the optimal water need of pomegranates in South Africa
  • Post-harvest chemical treatments and packaging of pomegranate fruit to reduce losses and maintain quality.

Research projects are done in collaboration with the ARC, the University of Stellenbosch, the department of Agriculture of the Western Cape and private institutions.

Research & Development work is continuing in all above mentioned aspects according to priority and availability of funding.

Feedback on Final Post Harvest Project